Hey Scotty! I have a question about my car. a few months ago I replaced a speed sensor for my 99…


Hey Scotty! I have a question about my car. a few months ago I replaced a speed sensor for my 99 Taurus se (96000 miles) and ever since then, whenever I begin accelerating, my car has a little difficulty shifting from 1st to 2nd gear. Also when I stop it will jerk a little because after I stop it had failed to shift from 2nd to 1st gear prior to making the stop.

After two months I have been reteaching the car to go into 1st gear, by doing this I would drive slow in parking lots and in empty roads. And I would drive it in it's low gear which is the car's 1st gear (and yes I do know that I could damage my transmission by doing this, but I make sure that I am keeping the RPMs low) also when I am going on short trips where I know I am not going very fast- I put it in regular drive and not overdrive. After doing these methods, the incorrect shifting has gone down significantly, the shifting is also not as mushy or not too hard, now it's shifting clean and crisp and it's made me really happy.

Do you have any other suggestions that I could do?

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I actually figured out the problem. I just learned today in the owner's guide that my 99 Taurus se has a system that adapts to the driver and their behavior. It will adapt by moving the shifting checkpoints according to how you drive. What the car learns can be reset by disconnecting the battery and it takes the car 400 miles to completely relearn your driving.

So knowing this, I did disconnect the battery and reconnected it and started driving- and it's shifting amazingly!!! It does not want to jump into 2nd gear like it used to, and I drove slower and more conservative and that widened the spread of the checkpoints. Now it's driving like I first got it and it's beautiful.

So with that said, this most likely indicates that the mechanic who put the new speed sensor in my car did not disconnect the battery prior to servicing the sensor. So the car was still driving with it's previous knowledge of my driving with a new sensor...yeah that wasn't going to work.

All I can say is that it's better late than never. :)