Hey scotty. I have a mazda b3000 d's 2002. I have a short. First wipers quit working 2 heater a/c only on low setting. 3 backup lights quit working. I'm puzzled I replaced all fuses all resistors all modules. Nothing winter can you help me sir. Thank you

Have you checked all the fuses to see if they're getting the proper power from the ignition switch? Do you know the car's history of whether it's been flooded?

I had a b2500 with a similar problem, electronics seemed to go haywire for no reason. For me it was that moisture had gotten trough the rubber seal in the firewall from where the wiring harness came through. That caused some of the wires to corrode and damage to hell and thus short-circuit. The wires run from atop of your steering column. If you remove the bottom part of your dashbar, maybe you can access it and check the condition of the wires.