Hey Scotty I have a huge problem, I have a 2001 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD 8.1L , yesterday I was driving on the road , I got up to 30 mph and the truck suddenly died , when it got to a complete stop it started idling real bad and died out. So we pushed it to a gas station and put some gas, we cranked her over and she started idling real bad and died again. And after that she won’t start at all. So I got towed back home and a few buddies came out to help me, we were working on the vehicle and changed out the MAP sensor, and that didn’t fix anything, so were thinking it might’ve been the mass air flow sensor, the throttle sensor or the fuel pump , but what was weird is that when we poured fuel into the throttle body she started back up and died out after it burned that fuel, we pressure tested the fuel pump with the key on accessory mode to where the fuel pump kicks on and got 7psi we bled the fuel from the fuel rail and very little came out so we don’t know what could be the problem


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