Hey Scotty.. i have a ford focus Mk1 HB 2005 with 1.6L DOHC engine. its already 258000KM. Issue that i'm facing is, at highway speeds suddenly car starts loosing speed and power without changing the accelerator position.(straight plain flat rods) its feels like applying gently brake. also a burning oil smell when its happening. sometime back firing if i kept the throttle same position. its goes back to normal when i let go the throttle. it happens about 2-3 time between 30 KMs.

please check out the video. as you can see its speeding down without any changes to the accelerator position.


have a pro like me drive it with his dealer level scan tool hooked up, it will record the data when it acts up. then that will show a real mechanic what the fault is, IF you have no check engine light on now, it's the only way