Hey Scotty, I have a few questions, first question is, I have a 2013 honda insight with 93,000 miles, when I go from park or reverse to drive, it goes down to about 500 rpms,then jumps back up, but never actually dies and its only when the engine is warm, ive already cleaned the maf sensor and throttle body and replaced the spark plugs, and had the motor mounts inspected, and that didnt seem to help much, ive changed the transmission fluid every 25,000 miles with honda cvt fluid, and its been doing this since about 80,000 miles, but hasnt gotten any worse, my next question is what do you think of the L13A engine this car has in it in terms of reliability, and the reliability of this car overall? my next question is would it hurt anything to put a turbo on this car with only around 2-4 psi of boost, just to give it a little more power, or would i not notice that little ammount of boost? my next question is how high is too high of an rpm for a cold engine? ive been told not to exceed 2000 rpm but that seems a little low to me. Also, whats the highest amount of miles you have seen on a toyota camry? Because i recently saw a 2004 toyota camry with 580,000 miles and didnt have any major problems, i was amazed! thanks for answering my questions!

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I've seen camrys with over 500 thousand miles. As for the civic, old age does that and as long as it runs fine otherwise, live with it. The engine itself is fine. I would not put a turbo n though, the tranny couldn't hold it