Hey Scotty: I have a dreaded 2002 Volkswagon Golf (a TDI at least). 130K miles. It was mother's, who recently passed, so I'm only keeping it because of her memory. (And, it's paid off.) Perfect maintenance history. However, recently, the electrical system seems bunk. The clock speeds up, the alarm will off when I get out of the car; and it'll make are warning noise when I lower the windows.

Also, sometimes I smell something that seems like burning when the car starts.

A guy told me last year to replace the intake manifold, for $700. I never did it.

I had a radiator flange replaced (cheap plastic garbage) a few months ago when burned out on the highway. Ever since then, the RPMs seem to not to be holding at 180 on the highway, which worries me. The guy said if it was just air pockets, they would work themselves out. That was in January (but I only drive the car maybe 20 miles per month).

I'm sorry, this is a lot. I just don't know who to take the thing to because the last place I took it to, just for an oil change, this stuff started happened shortly thereafter. Any advice is welcomed. Thank you so much.

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Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


that age and mileage, they are junk. But try to find a guy like me to honestly assess it. I still have customers with them that I keep going till something big goes