Hey Scotty I have a 99 Ford F-150 super cab pickup with a 4.6L V-8 sohc engine are these reliable engines this one was well maintained also the digital odometer keeps fading in and out it still counts ok just the display itself is only showing when it wants to I think it's a poor ground or switch what do you think sometimes it even messes up like it's got a poor connection. Thanks for all your videos and help. I don't do anything on my pickup without watching one of your videos first.

thy are reliable. But those digital odometers are cheaply made, as long as the speedometer works, live with it

Ok I got a guy that's not going to charge an arm and a leg to fix it I'm also getting my rear super cab doors fixed too and the bulb on my climate control center fixed might as well since truck is getting the doors fixed.

I found out it's a common problem with these trucks from 97 up to 2012 it's the cheap solder they use on the connections.