Hey Scotty, I have a 97 F150, idles ok till it gets warm. Then it idles rough and tries to die and sometimes succeeds. You can smell gas when it's running and the codes say lean bank 1 and bank 2. This is what I've done already, new PCV valve, new PCV solenoid, New PCV sensor, and fuel filter. I have new plugs to put in next. What else could it be?

those run lean, either bad MAF, weak fuel pump, or leaking intake manifold gaskets are the big 3 reasons. So check those FIRST

I live in Houston, wanna do a video on it? 😁

What I forgot to mention is that at this same time period (thinking it had so.e trash in the injectors) I drove it hard and the heater hose broke at the fire wall. I assumed it was a seperate issue. I fixed it. Does that maybe change your diagnosis?