Hey Scotty, I have a 93 Celica with 3sge engine. Sorry to bother you again but on my last post I forgot to mention that my oil light stays on after a cold start for 1-2 seconds and then goes out and while the light is on the engine makes horrible noises/light knocking, but it does not happen every time! When I am driving a short distance (less than 20 mi), on next cold morning start as soon as the engine starts the oil light immediately goes out and no abnormal noises from the engine. Is assume oil had not time to get to temperature and was thick enough so that the oil filter would not drain. When driving over 25 mi, on morning cold start I get the said symptoms. This also happens after an oil change and the filter is changed and is empty, that why I assume that when driving shorter distances the oil filter doesn't drain. Anyway, after a cold start and noises disappear, and when accelerating slightly in first gear I also get a slight knocking (especially on uphills) at approximately 2.5k RPM . In the video I drove 5 miles before and the oil light goes out immediately at startup and as you can hear when accelerating you can hear a light knocking. I hope it's a heat shield or something like that since my father drove the car before and he babied it and changed the oil every 3k. Engine has almost 90k mi so shouldn't be main bearings. I commute every day to school at 50 mph on country roads and don't thrash it either (accelerate with green ECO light up to 2.5 k rpm, safe to assume that I baby it aswell). I tried today when going back from school to rev it on the highway to redline in third gear to 7k rpm and no noises. Only when cold. I think that if it was rod knock it would knock when hot/oil is thinner? Wouldn't it. Please help me and don't tell me I have to get rid of it. I love my Celica.

you are revving that old motor too much. Me, I'd go lighter and also would change the timing belt out as it could be worn and stretched

So no rod knock? Thank you for taking your time answering my question

Any answer?