Hey Scotty, I have a 4wdLand Rover Freelander 99 2.0 di that was making some noise that increased with speed (been like that forever), i suspected differential and changed oil and added oil up to the filler plug. Some days later during a drive, the sound got worse, the car was slowing down on its own and there was a bang, followed by clunking every few feet. Oil came out in a 360 from my left rear drive shaft by the connection to the differential. I'm swapping the drive shaft at least, but do you think my differential is blown as well? It doesn't feel like it has any unusual wear where the drive shaft was, and I couldn't really see what was the issue with the drive shaft that was there. What do you think caused this issue?
Thanks in advance!

if you drove far, diff is shot. Fix the leak, fill it up, and pray