Hey Scotty, I have a 2011 camry 2.5. On cold starts in the morning, I get this rattle noise from the engine for half or 1 second right after it starts up. At the same time the oil light blinks and goes away with the noise. Checked the oil it was on full. It’s got around 120000 miles, it started doing this after 100k. Is it some thing I should be worried about?

yes, rattling and oil light on is bad news, internal engine wear has started. Unless oil is really dirty and needs changing, engine will need internal work soon

Do you know what kind of work? I’ve been driving it like this for 20k Miles now. I change my oil every 5k miles too.

It could be timing chain rattle you're hearing. See if the Toyota dealer has any TSBs on your particular issue, they've been generous before with partially covering the cost of mechanical engine repairs with extended warranties when a known problem occurs to a customer.