Hey Scotty I have a 2009 ford crown victoria 4.6 v8 135k, recently changed the oil but it smells like it's burning ONLY when using the AC (comes through the vents) after I drive it a while especially at highway speeds. When I pop the hood there's no visible leaks and it doesn't even smell under there. From past experiences, this seems to happen always upon new oil changes is it something to worry about? I've been told I have a rear main seal oil leak if that's helpful thanks.

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If u have a red main seal leak try. (At205). Most auto stores have it. May be ac belt slipping. Compressor binding. Up, check that. Or valve gasket cover sweating.

Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


ac compressor or fan belt may be worn. That would smell then, esp the compressor going out

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