Hey Scotty!

I have a 2005 VW GTI 1.8T and I’ve run into a little bit of an issue.
Months ago I noticed that after I’d turn my car off that it would make a gargling sound from the gas tank area (much like when someone sips soda out of an almost empty cup) I never really gave it much thought since it happened maybe 1 time every three weeks, but it seems to have only gotten worse. It doesn’t do the gargling as much anymore but instead makes a popping or clicking noise every time I turn the car off.
The check engine light is on and the code is P0441 which is for the EVAP system.
The most worrisome symptom that it’s having though is whenever I put gas in the car and I turn it back on, the car will crank at about 1,000 rpms and then drop immediately to 300rpms and it sounds like the motor is choking. So I have to give it gas for maybe a minute until it goes back to normal and after that the car drives fine, no hesitation or anything. It started doing this 300rpm ordeal two fill ups ago and I’m just very worried and honestly baffled as to what could be the issues.. could it be the fuel pressure sensor? Maybe the purge valve? Both? Something inside the gas tank? Fuel lines?

I know it’s not the fuel filter or the fuel pump because I had brand new ones put in. Any help is very much appreciated!

~ Sara

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Thank you so much!



only a pro vw mechanic with a dealer scan tool can work on evap systems on VWs, very complex stuff. But you could guess with an evap cannister vent valve