hey scotty, i have a 2005 nissan frontier. recently the "slip" and "vdc" light have came on and so i looked it up and apparently it was a camshaft sensor deal. well i try to put the sensor on and now my truck will crank then die. is there a certain postion the sensor must be in? previously my truck would start but it would take a while to actually come on. any advice is good advice. thank you.

first, make sure you used an oem factory sensor, not some chinese cheaply made clone. But the sensors only bolt in one way, Put the old one back in and if it stops dying, buy an oem one.

ok yes the old one did let my truck crank, so now i went to the parts store to get the codes scanned, both crankshaft and camshaft sensors are popping codes . is this normal maybe one will trigger the other ?