Hey Scotty I have a 2003 Cadillac CTS 3.2L engine. I recently got it and wanted to seafoam spray through the throttle. Warm up the engine then shut it off then disconnect the hose to the throttle body and insert the straw through the butterfly then tighten the hose clamp and have someone turn the car on then the whole engine bay starts to twitch/shake with a very bad idle having them keep the rpms 500 above around 1500rpm then I immediately had them turn it off. But when I took the straw out and reattached the hose clamp tight and turn the car on it’s back to normal quiet as can be. It’s preventing me from being able to seafoam spray, me thinking something is not going well soon as I start it up

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I do not use seafoam, I do not advise it esp on that engine. Do as in this video