Hey Scotty,

I have a 2001 honda accord 4 cylinder with 189k miles. It isn't throwing coded and will randomly shut off while driving. There is oil leaking from the distributor and I replaced the rotor and cap. Sometimes it starts sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it drives to the destination and back and sometimes not. Do you think I need to replace the distributor or is it something else?

dists go bad all the time on those. If it dies and won't start back, quick see if it has no spark. If so, change the dist

Ok great thanks! I am assuming if it doesn't spark it's the distributor. But if I am getting sparks then what would be the next thing to look at? Fuel pump?

fuel pump or timing or crankshaft sensors

Well the tricky part is that it's not throwing any codes. If the timing or crankshaft sensor was bad wouldn't it throw a code?