Hey, Scotty, I have a 2000 Toyota 4runner, (just under 160,000mi) and it makes this loud whirring noise while accelerating/giving it gas. I cant pin down exactly from where its coming from, but its awful loud, and i sure dont want to break anything. This is a relatively new noise (past 6 months) and i cant remember when it started. Some more information on it: If i let off the gas, almost immediately the noise dies down. the noise is there, even if im maintaining speed (even on slow roads) and ive noticed a sever drop off in fuel economy (form right around 20mpg, to about 13-10) Let me know if you need any more info!

you sure? I didint think that wheel bearing noises died down unless you slowed down, i can give it a look, though

I had the same for me for my 1992 toyota corolla what you can do is make some friends sit in your car and tell them to take their head out from window and check which tire is it that is making the sound.

Mine noise started at 40miles

alright, will do

If it seems to be related to engine rpm only, have the power steering fluid level checked, the exhaust checked for leaks, the engine accessory belt(s) drive system & components checked, and the timing belt if the noise continues after removing the accessory belt(s). Hopefully it's not an internal issue with the transmission.