Hey Scotty, I have a 2000 grad am gt that has left me clueless to what's the problem. The car…


Hey Scotty,

I have a 2000 grad am gt that has left me clueless to what's the problem. The car engine light came on and crank sensor code was present.
I also noticed the belt was not on the pully properly. It was riding inwards towards the engine. After some digging I determined that the harmonic balancer was the case of that issue . I'm hoping ..... So I replaced the sensor and while doing that I fixed a intake bolt that was stripped by putting a helli coil in. Put the car back together and wouldn't start. ... it had rained and the battery / and fuse box got wet. The battery won't stay charged and noticed when I attempt to turn over sometimes cranks fine other really slow and all lights dim out. .
Changed , fuel pump because it was low pressure in the rail. Didn't change a thing , used starting fluid it took a lot but car started but won't start if I spray gas into the intake. Checked spark it was not very good , but new wires, plugs and coil packs ...
Car backfires when turning over a while, also a poof of air from intake

Any ideas

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Thomas Courtney
Thomas Courtney

After 13 days and every possible nerve pushed and many, many swear words I found the issues ... The Crankshaft 7x was no good but had no Code ..... also the injector harness was installed incorrect. The injector wires must be in proper secqance which I didn't know....... ... after finishing the starter burnt out and now another repair.....


do not attempt to pull the crankshaft sensor. .. take the oil pan off and push it out . Save yourself a huge headache



if ballancer is bad or the ballancer wobbles too much, then data will be wrong to the computer. Also check for a worn timing chain, it will do that too