Hey Scotty, I have a 1998 Honda Civic Dx with a cooling problem that just started up. When I am idling the temperature gauge will start to rise and on the highway the gauge stay at normal operating temperature. I have watched your video “How to fix an overheating car” along with several other videos. I have 2 fans in my car and the radiator fan is not coming on when I turn the a/c on. So this leaves my to suspect that I have something wrong with that fan. I then opened up the fan connector and I clamped a wire from one of the male pins to the negative terminal of the battery, and another wire to the positive terminal and the fan turns on. So is this a rely switch that has gone bad, or could there be a short somewhere in the wires? The fuse is good under the hood for the cooling fan. Look forward from hearing from you. Great videos by the way!

pray it's a bad coolant temp sensor for the fans, and not a bad main computer

thanks scotty, replacing the fan switch solved my problem.