Hey Scotty, I have a 1998 Acura TL 3.2 V6 that transmission stalls and delays in between gears from a cold start, but once the car reaches a normal warm temperature, the transmission completely stops shifting until it cools down again. The car is in great shape other than this issue. I was told to add Lucas oil to see if that makes a difference and then there's the rebuild or replace transmission ideas. I've been given prices of $1,700-$2,400 to rebuild/replace the transmission, a price I don't want to pay. What's your take Scotty?????

typical old age problems of that tranny. Try the lucas, but realize those are weak trannys and those prices for a rebuild are actually a bit low for a true pro rebuild

My problem is that if I were to sell the car without this problem KBB valued a price range of $2500-$3200.