Hey Scotty! I have a 06 Honda Odyssey w/ 155k miles. With a strong rubber like burning smell, excessive oil consumption ~1 qt every 500mi, and the engine has a ticking sound.

Details: 2 weeks ago I stopped the car and noticed a burning smell coming from the car. Upon inspection I noticed the car was 1 quart low on oil. I filled it back up and now 2 weeks later I’m back to being low on oil ( near the bottom of the norm range) I have no oil leaks, and a clicking sound from the engine as well. What could it be? Is it worth fixing? Or should I just continue too it off w/ oil and continue to drive it? Thanks for all you do!!

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Odyssey also has horrid junker transmissions. I met a guy on his THIRD transmission, swore he's junking it the DAY before Warranty expires. "Why did you hang on to it this long?" He: "The wife likes the cupholders." True story. Bail now before that POJ self-immolates. Don't look back. Get a Toyota Sienna. No more migraines!

Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


get rid of it, those are junk engines and yours is going out

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