Hey Scotty, I have a 03 Saab 93 Linear with 99k miles on it. I got it Nov 2017 and it had 90k miles…


Hey Scotty, I have a 03 Saab 93 Linear with 99k miles on it. I got it Nov 2017 and it had 90k miles and ran just fine aside from my ongoing electrical issue with my power locks where they occasionally give issues with automatically locking and the air conditionally that works when it wants. Anyway. I recently started to get a P0245, p0204, p0203, p0202, p0201 and occasionally get a p0300 along with it. I use my Blue Driver which I learned about in one of your videos. Prior to these codes, There was engine oil leaking into cylinder 4 so I got a new head gasket, changed the spark plugs, and then changed all 4 ignition coils. I got the parts from eeuroparts.com that has a 1yr warranty on the items.

2 days ago I was driving across the bridge and the steering wheel locked up, check engine light was blinking, lost power, and shut off. I did notice heavy white smoke coming out of the engine before it stalled. I took the battery cable off, removed the coils, and spark plugs, then replaced them and put the battery cable back on. Car works now but I can feel a loss of power and if I go over 45, the check engine will begin to blink.

Im not sure if the computer needs to be replaced {PCM} or is something wrong with the wiring or both??? Mechanics here in NY are mostly not good with this kinda stuff so thats why I fix most things on the car myself but im a bit stuck. I saw a video from a guy that just changed the PCM and programmed the car with a totally different PCM but im not sure if thats the same issue for me.

Any help and advice you give would be helpful. I know you dont like European cars but Ive drawn a liking to this car and I havent pumped out large sums of money on this car. everythings been minor thankfully. Thanks in advance