Hey Scotty, I have 2 questions, my 04 Acura TL 6MT 159k nikes runs good, AC will be nice and cold then randomly it’ll go muggy/humid? Freon is fine I checked with a gauge, sometimes if I’m at a stop light or even when’s in driving kit random times and sometimes it won’t even do it! Any ideas?

2nd question, my abs light and vsa lights on with 8 codes, two being wheel speed sensors and the rest seem to be weird F-can communication codes and weird sensor? My alternator and battery test 14.4v when running so I’m not sure what else to check on charging system?

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Those HVAC systems are computer controlled. You need a guy like me with a dealer level scan tool to test the hvac system electronics. Same goes for the ABS system, your code reader does a little, but can't do bidirectional ABS testing. But it sounds like wiring or ABS module is bad from your description