Hey Scotty. I had a question related to my 2001 dodge stratus 2.7L V6 DOHC. Last year I had the timing chain, water pump, valves, all gaskets, along with new head bolts replaced. Car started up and ran quite well for a year. Then I had to get the transmission replaced so I went ahead and hired someone for that. A week later I had a no start slow crank scenario. I got a check engine like code of P0340. This code was saying a fault in the camshaft position sensor wire circuit. So I checked the battery, starter, and alternator to start. Everything tested fine except the battery. Which I replaced. Now it starts but still is a little long on the crank. Anywho after replacing the battery something was different from beforehand. The car idles around 800rpm and sounds fine. When I give it a little gas it makes a low rumbling sound like almost an exhaust leak. This lasts only to 1500rpm in which it sounds normal once again. I am really upset that things aren't going so well and I was wondering if you had any insight into what might be wrong. My next step is replacing the cam and crank sensors. Thanks for the help

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Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


those are endless money pits. Not worth throwing tons in. I'd have the injectors pressure cleaned and would live with the rest, and ditch it when something major went out