Hey Scotty! I had a question about my truck before I go about…


Hey Scotty! I had a question about my truck before I go about replacing my engine. It’s going to be pretty long because I want to add as much detail as possible.
Vehicle Information:

  • 2000 Ford F-150 w/ 4.2L V6 Engine
  • 181,400 Miles
  • Automatic Transmission
    Codes Scanned:
  • P0302 - P0420
  • P0303 - P0430
  • P0304
  • P0305
  • P0306
    Last month I had all the Injectors replaced, it ran like a beauty after that, until a couple days ago. It started misfiring at idle out of no where, so I get it home, I hook up my engine scanner. I was misfiring on 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. There’s white smoke coming out the tailpipe, mostly when at idle. There’s a LOT of fuel in the oil. When I pop off the oil cap that’s all you smell is straight fuel. I already had changed out the spark plugs wires, and the coil pack about 2 months ago. I pulled out the spark plugs and cylinder #5s plug was just drenched in fuel. All the other ones looked just fine. So I went ahead and replaced the and still had the issue. I just took it by a mechanic today to have it diagnosed. He told me that is was a piston ring that it would probably be best to replace the engine. Does this sound about right? I just needed your opinion, hope to hear back from you!