Hey Scotty I enjoy the videos and advice and have a question for you. I know your not a chevy fan but last year a got a great deal on a 2017 chevy 1500 high country with a 6.2l . So far I only have 10km on it and running fine. My possible long term goal is to maybe sell it in 2 years while its still worth something... if i don't I think I might as well drive it into the ground. So my question is 2 part. First is what do you think of the longativity with the 6.2? Its a rather new engine being on the ecotec 3 family..paired with a 3.23 rear end. The odd time I tow a trailer or a smaller camper under 6500lbs. Second part of the question is I have been hearing stories about the valves getting bad deposits direct injection engines thanks to the pcv system. Thinking about one of those oil catch cans to help. Yeah should of came standard but a good mishimoto one can be had for about $170 on amazon. Not alot for some peace of mind I don't think but in your humble opinion is it a waste of money? SIDE NOTE: yes i know this engine recommends 93 octane fuel..been running both off and on and had 0 knock with 87..pulls abit better with 91..best u can get in my area. Thanks!

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Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


baby it and drive conservatively when towing. I would put a catch can on it, yes.