Hey Scotty, I’d like your expertise for this COVID-SNAFU circumstance.


I’m in Dallas, TX and I need to drive 2,200 miles back to Portland, OR because my family is getting low on money due to this COVID-19 world. I need to help my family, I’m a CDL-A truck driver so I can support my family during this crisis.

Here’s my situation, I’m low on money because I’ve been fixing this 2003 Toyota Sequoia lemon I bought. I made a stupid decision, I know, but now it’s got $2,500 worth of fix that I did (and because of you) and I’m confident it can make it up there.

It’s got really nice Cooper Discoverer ATP tires with lots of tread left. 3 problems though: It’s got some cupping, Toe wear, and camber wear. There’s nothing wrong with the rear tires.

I need to save money, but I know I will have to buy 2 new tires eventually. I’m crossing the Western desert so I have to be careful.

Here’s my plan: Wear down the current front tires until I HAVE TO CHANGE THEM.

  1. Inflate the tires to Cold PSI maximum. Since it’s only minimal wear on the edges, I’ll inflate to maximum so I’ll wear out the middle. I’m just worried if that if this is a stupid idea when I’m driving into a very hot area between Texas to Colorado.

  2. Spray AT-205 on ALL THE TIRES. There are slight cracking on the side walls.

  3. Then take it to a good tire/alignment shop. Buy cheap decent tire for my spare (It’s completely ruptured) Have them balance ALL the wheels (5), And do a cheap alignment.

  4. Cross my fingers and head to the Pacific Northwest. I’ll check the tires every 200 miles, and if they’re worn down, I’ll drive to the nearest tire shop and get decent tires.

I’m a decent DIY driveway mechanic going on 7 years Of experience. I have tons of tools in the truck and do most of my own repairs under your video education.

I want to thank you for your service (Airborne right?) and education for that may have saved thousands of dollars from hiring a mechanic during these tough times.

Any advice would be appreciated.