Hey Scotty I bought about 2 month ago a used Mazda 5 2009, The owner said that he had a back bad…


Hey Scotty I bought about 2 month ago a used Mazda 5 2009, The owner said that he had a back bad strut so the car was shaking like crazy over 60 miles an hour ,but on the way home One of the back tires exploded lol ,I replaced it with the funky reserve tire and the car drove so much better, anyway I replaced the two rear struts Because I’m using the car for work and I do have some weight on the back, My problem is that the steering wheel shakes around 70-80 miles per hour, but it doesn’t happen all the time it’s a very weird problem I try to balance all the four wheels even tried a road force balance and it didn’t help,I got four new tires replace the two front rims , sway bar links, tie rods,links (we’re making very bad noise)and even replaced the control arms and today even the two CV joints and guess what the problem still persists I don’t know what else to do,everyplace tell me something else and I already replaced all the front except the front struts but I don’t think that’s the problem, What else can I do. I’m truly out of options I don’t know what else to replace but it’s driving me crazy, when I go 80 or 90 miles an hour it doesn’t happen and usually when I’m in a turn even if I go 70 or 75 I cannot feel it it’s only when I go straight on the highway where you really feel it , Pls Scotty save me from this money pit problem , It’s really feels like a balance problem but it’s like something thrown off the balance inconsistently

Ps,-in a different subject my car whistle between 40 and 50 miles an hour when applying throttle only(I tried cleaning the throttlebody and the maf sensor and it was pretty dirty but still have the same problem (I did a smoke test and there is no vacuum leaks anywhere)

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Before throwing any more $$$ at it, I'd pay for a CarFax Report and ask my County to perform a Title Search to gather more data, e.g., has this vehicle been wrecked before, Salvaged, or otherwise fritzed up-- to learn if it has "hidden" bent frame damage. Did PO mention it had been in an accident? Is there evidence of body work (wreck repair)? After getting CarFax, I'd take it to a couple or three good body shops, get an estimate for possible bent frame. This evaluation will let you know if you're throwing money away fixing symptoms (e.g., blown tires) vs. the cause (bent frame, former hard impact w/ curb, e.g.). That's what I'd do. Previous Owner might not have made Full Disclosure to you when mentioning that "bad strut." That might've been the Tip of the Iceberg. Scotty sheds light on these dark places: