Hey Scotty! I appreciate what you do. As my name suggests I have a 99 Infiniti Q45(Y33) which has…


Hey Scotty! I appreciate what you do. As my name suggests I have a 99 Infiniti Q45(Y33) which has been a great car. the VH41DE is throwing code P1447 and talking about the Evap Emission Control System Purge Flow Monitor. According to the FIXD device/app it can cause severe damage which has me concerned.

Here are the potential issues i was able to find. https://www.engine-codes.com/p1447_nissan.html EVAP canister purge volume control solenoid valve stuck closed EVAP control system pressure sensor and the circuit Loose, disconnected or improper connection of rubber tube Blocked rubber tube Cracked EVAP canister EVAP canister purge volume control solenoid valve circuit Closed throttle position switch Blocked purge port Closed throttle position switch

Symptoms: From a stop the car slightly cuts out upon accelerating between 15%-40% throttle. It will get up to speed and I can still floor it and get power. It doesn't start cutting out though until after the motor is warm either. I read a dying battery can cause weird issues in some older infinitis. I replaced the battery but still having the issue.

There is not much more info about this specific situation out there so im just not sure where to start and I dont know much of anything about evap systems. I took off the plastic shield for the canister in the back and got a little overwhelmed. I started by checking air lines under the hood by doing a smoke test. I found smoke coming from two little metal vacuum lines and plugged them. I also found a rubber hose leak which i fixed but am still experience the issue.(doesn't seem to be as bad though but very minimal improvement if any?). Someone had told me the the Evap solenoid often goes bad in these but he says its under the plenum which is a couple hour job on these cars. He is the ONLY person who mentioned I need to go under the plenum to fix the evap solenoid and the two hoses connected to it. Hes an admin on a Y33 group which is why im taking it so seriously. Also dumb question. is the evap solenoid the same thing as the evap purge solenoid valve? or purge valve? are they all the same?? I'm just not sure where exactly to begin and could really use some wisdom.