Hey Scotty. I am a long time watcher, first time poster.

I had some issue with my 2002 Toyota Sienna XLE. The Trac off, Check Engine, and VSC lights were all simutaneously on. I took it to a friend who checked it with their computer that diagnose cars, and it read as the image I attached. Due to being a bit financially unstable as I am a starving student I decided to invest in the o2 sensor myself and the socket piece. Sadly I couldn't securely squeeze under my car or felt confident to unplug things from the top of the car. So I took her to a local mechanic who would install it without needing to charge for their sensor. Apparently the Exhaust Manifold was frozen and they couldn't take it out so they just gave it back to me without the swap.

I am very inexperienced with cars, what would you recpmmend? Things have been like this for the last three weeks since I work full time and attend school full time. What are the dangers if things remain unattended for.

well, sensor is indeed bad, but you can drive it that way quite some time without really hurting anything. that sensor going out trips all the other codes, it's a computer software thing with toyota