Hey Scotty, I always watch your Youtube channel for advice and you are a big help to me. I just wanted to ask a question. Ive been having an issue with my 1999 Mustang GT. O2 sensor on bank 2 sensor 1 has really low voltage compared to the other bank. Anywhere from 0.01-0.04v while the other bank is normal at 0.1v and up. After having shops scam me and never be able to figure out the issue I traced it down to the wiring at the connector from the harness to the o2 sensor. I saw the live data while using the bluetooth scanner and saw the voltage for the problematic o2 sensor go to normal when i manipulated the wires from the harness to the connector a certain way and when I let go it went back to the bad reading, so there is a problem near where the harness connects to the o2 sensor so I will replace the connector and check those wires. The real question is im having issues with my idle, the car idles at 950-1k rpms with ac off which I know is not normal and the moment ac is turned on it goes down immediately to 750rpms or so. Sometimes my idle will surge up and down and the car will smell rich sometimes and also theres a chance of it stalling. I just want to know if these idle issues have anything to do with the bad o2 signal from the connector or if i will have to troubleshoot some more after fixing the connector.

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So many things can make that sensor do that, from bad sensor, wiring, computer circuits, vaccuum leaks on that side, etc.

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