Hey Scotty how you doing it's been awhile since I've asked you a question but this stupid Jeep is giving me problems again.

It has a ticking issue that I can't seem to pinpoint as it seems like it's coming from multiple areas of the engine on cold starts, especially when it's been sitting overnight the colder it is the worse it is. Once it warms up the loudest ticking becomes more intermittent leading me to believe that from the valve train however there still is taking that goes on the whole time I can hear a ticking coming from the bottom of the engine as well as from the fuel rails especially from the fuel pressure regulator right before it goes into the fuel rails. My two questions are the noise from the lower end of the engine it's it is a ticking sound it doesn't sound like a knocking or slapping so I don't think it's the Pistons or the bearings rather so what do you think that could be? My second question is why would the fuel pressure regulator for the fuel rails be ticking so loud all of a sudden it's been doing it for couple months now but it just started happening out of the blue when it did start happening.

As always thank you for your help Scotty

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lifters do that all the time. But make a video and I'll listen to it.

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