Hey Scotty, how’s it going? I drive an ‘05 Chevy Trailblazer w/ 361,000km on it, and I have a question. I started my car up in -19C and everything was going well, right? I parked about 15 min later and shut off the car for about 4 minutes, then I come back in to start the car and the ABS & brake warning lights come on all of a sudden, and my power steering is gone. Just out of nowhere in less than a few minutes! I drove back home for another 15 minutes to test what was wrong and what was working, and my brakes work perfectly fine (no clue why the brake warning light is on), pedal is smooth and my braking is solid, but my power steering is gone, and I’ve got no clue whether the trouble codes mean my power steering is gone, or there’s something more to it than that. Any leads?

well, if it has a power steering pump, see if the belt has broken. if not, pump is probably shot. But if it has electronic power steering, check that motor and check alternator and battery to see if it's putting out enough voltage