Hey Scotty, how are you doing?
Me again, I have a 1993 Celica convertible with 3S-GE engine with 87k mi(138k km) and I experience some problems.
The car cranks and starts and jumps to 1500rpm where it should be on a cold start but dies immediately. I hear the fuel pump relay after cranking, I tried pulling the EFI fuse for several minutes with no change.
Since the Check engine light came on, I read the codes with the jumper. It was code 14. Is there anything else I could check since I am no mechanic or tow it to my mechanic where he should be able to fix it?
PS. The car was driven low on fuel but didn’t run out of it the day before, shouldn’t be the fuel pump but the pressure regulator. Maybe it’s the crank sensor
Thank you in advance

I tried to jump start the fuel pump with B and FP and the problem persists

What do you mean, replace the diet? Please help me since I am not a native english speaker.

Hey Scotty, this afternoon when it got colder outside like 65 F the car started no problems, no codes anything. Previously the car refused to start when it was 95F. I am confused

I think Scotty meant "dist" for distributor


Now it makes much more sense, thanks