Hey Scotty
Have been checking out some of your videos....great stuff. Hope you can help me with my problem. I have a Ford Laser 2001 with an unusual problem....or unusual problem to me anyway. When I try to start the car (first time for the day) it won't start. I turn the key and the dash lights come on, but the engine won't crank over (no sound at all, as if the battery is dead) If I pump the excelerator a few times, the car then starts. After the inital start for the day, it usually starts first time, unless it's been sitting for some time. Had the battery checked and its fine. I live in sunny Queensland Australia, so don't have cold start problems. This has me stumped.

replace the starter if it makes no sound at all and pray it's not an anti theft failure

Got me puzzled as to why this happens,I don't have to continually turn the key. All I have to do is pump the excelerator a few times while the key is turned.

And it starts ...no problems.