Hey scotty. Got a 2000 nissan pathfinder recently. It needed a new air compressor and was warenteed and got replaced. It has no ac button but an econ and auto button and can adjust temperature electric setting buttons. The lowest it goes for cold is 65 degrees but doesnt seem to cut it on hot days and afternoons. It has a freon charging port and apparently the dealership got it vacuumed and installed refrigerant. Idk its kinda bummer it wont go any colder than the 65 degrees. Just feels like its blowing warm air obviously when its super hot. Does this mean i was the dumba$$ who bought a vehicle with no ac button so it doesnt have any ac? Lol

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auto button is for ac when you set the temp Odds are ac needs more work, or got a crappy rebuild compressor that rarely work well. see that a a lot