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I have a question on transmission, have you repaired one, before i never done one but thinking of taking on something i can buy and repair myself, but worst case scenario i am buying the vehicle myself that has a transmission problem, which transmissions are easy to work on have you done, and usually if its new vehicles, i check there Odometer and if it is low enough i send them to there dealership to get it done under warranty, if its a recall issue etc.. but if they know they have toasted the transmission themselves, example a 2013 Ford F150 3.5L wont move when i move the gears to Drive, Reverse, etc.. and asked them what was the problem and how it happened.. just get a little more information on what happen, or if it happen while they were driving, where did this happen... the truck had a lift kit on it, and it look like it was cleaned up a little from mud.. but anyhow i suspect they ruined the transmission being stuck... but thats my part i just wanted to know about these newer transmission vs the older ones don't really have a photo of the truck but it looks like this photo or similar to it

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do not buy it if it doesn't move unless you get it dirt cheap. Best to put a factory rebuilt unit on that, price one out to see if you want to spend that kind of money