Hey Scotty, first off i just want to say THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR PATIENCE AND ALL THAT YOU DO FOR OUR…


Hey Scotty, first off i just want to say THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR PATIENCE AND ALL THAT YOU DO FOR OUR COMMUNITY I'm sure you rather be sipping a margarita somewhere on the Caribbean instead being barricaded day to day by endless questions after all who knows how many years God is willing to give. Anyway i do have a question i am 23yrs and recently bought my first car for $612 its an 03 Cadillac cts 217k miles on it, it had a few problems but most people want to lease a car rather then buying one and putting some good old work into it, its a 3.6L V6 engine with an automatic transmission the reverse will not engage and when i put it into neutral while the car is on it thinks its still in drive and i have to turn the car off in order for the neutral to take affect. I recently found a used transmission that's been for sale by a private owner for $100 since its been up for sale for months cause of course people are skeptical comes from the same type of engine, is there a cheaper way to fix the reverse gear alone

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On 03DEC2018, SK addressed this (albeit Re: JEEP LIBERTY 2004) "Q. Transmission goes FORWARD but shift into REVERSE, car won't move? A. SK: Your transmission is SHOT. That's how they break gear. Problem between SUN GEAR and PLANETARY gear. OFTEN REVERSE that will first break down." Specific to Cadillac CTS: Rule out failing transmission vs. other (lesser) problems, e.g., damaged reverse clutch assembly or valve body malfunction. Before assuming the worst, have honest mechanic perform professional scan, get your OBDII error Code(s). Then you know what you're dealing with. Get quotes from at least 3 shops. Decide to fix it or let the Caddy go. That's quite high mileage for a Cadillac. Start from the beginning though-- get those Codes; talk to some transmission shops.