Hey Scotty, big fan of your videos! Thanks for making everything so easy... Now to my question good sir. I've got a '07 Grand Cherokee Laredo 3.7L, noticed the coolant level was low recently so I bought some coolant (they gave me the wrong stuff) my car calls for HOAT and they gave me Dexcool, I realized it after it was too late. The reason the coolant was leaking is the water pump gasket is failing. So I have a water pump that needs to be replaced and I've heard if you mix Dexcool with other coolant types it can "gel" up pretty quickly, and the coolant that was in there before adding any was very rusty and corroded. I need to flush the system, I should do this before replacing the pump, correct? Also how long does it take for Dexcool and other coolant to "gel" up. Its been about a week since they were mixed. Thank you for your advice! Keep those videos coming!

it won't gell up today, only the old stuff did that from decades ago. Just change the pump and flush the coolant when the pump is off

Thank you for your quick reply, I appreciate it.
Should I do the chemical flush before taking the old pump off.. Rinse it a few times then replace the pump? Or just take the old pump off and manually flush the radiator, engine and heater core? I'm going to be replacing the thermostat and radiator cap as well, I want to be as thorough as I can.