Hey Scotty, big fan, love your videos. Need advice on something. My 2008 Saturn Astra blew the engine, I'm thinking it was the timing belt and trying to sell it because I don't think it's worth fixing.
But I'm looking for another car really soon because the winter is coming and here in Ontario Canada, gets really cold.
I looked at a 92 plymouth acclaim because its only 600 dollars. No rust, well taken care of, always oil sprayed. I test drove it and it does need front brakes and maybe shocks because there was a bounce in the front.
There was also a little wobble/rubbing when turning.
What do you think that is?
Or should I get maybe a honda/toyota?
What car do you recommend that is reliable and affordable?

def not worth fixing that saturn, get a toyota, an acclaim is a piece of junk. Get an old corolla, millions of em out there, I have a customer with 440 thousand miles on his

Ok awesome thanks Scotty much appreciated!!