Hey scotty big fan love your show and congent! I have a 2003 mercury marauder with 110k mikes. and the car starts up poorly at times. I hear a clicking noise and the rpms dont instantly go up normally. They sit at 400 for a second and then gradually go up. It happens randomly whether or not the car is warm or not. Car runs fine and as should when driving The battery was bad so I bought a Magna Power battery. When I got my battery replaced I had him test the charging system and starter. Both were good. What could it be? The starter might be good most of the time but when this happens could it be the starter?

Also, Although I dont get voltage drop when I turn on ac and all my exterior lights I get a drop below 12 volts if I roll down any window and if continously do so It drops to 10 volts and my windows refuse to move for a couple of seconds to a minute. Could it be that they take more power then they should?

if it just clicks, either starter is wearing out or power to it has shorts or weak connections. check the wiring and also have the alternator load tested, auto zones do that free

I had the alternator tested , battery and starter. all were said to be fine. Where do i look for shorts when checking for the starter?

Yes when it starts weak sometimes i hear clicks.