Hey Scotty Been watching a lot of your video's and you really know your stuff. My Father was a mechanic and growing up I was his assistant / student. however he passed a few years back and even though I remember most of everything he showed me and taught me. I still find times where I have questions about some things when it comes to repairing or just going out and replacing. I blew the head gasket possibly even the head, have not decided to tear into it to fully know for sure. I have a 07 Dodge ram 1500 pickup with the 5.7 hemi paid off and im living on disability and a limited income so no option to do much but repair or possibly replace engine with a quality used or rebuilt engine. I can do all the work with help from my friends and my fathers tools and with the repair manual I have for my truck to walk me through the steps to do If you were in my situation and could either repair or replace with limited income and having to rely on friends to assist and not wanting to have to take up more of their personal time without being able to pay them for their time and effort except for feeding them and providing refreshing beverages along with gas money too. would you opt for a tear down and hope it was not more than a replacement of the head gasket and inspection of head for warp cracked or more severe? Or use the old Engine as a trade in and purchase the quality used or rebuilt engine both proven to start run an operate efficiently at time of purchase?


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