Hey Scotty, awesome channel me & big bro are your fans for years now 9 years ago I made the…


Hey Scotty, awesome channel me & big bro are your fans for years now

9 years ago I made the horrible mistake of buying a Dodge Charger 3.5 2009, it was bought brand new I have been able to put only 30k miles on it till now because of my health condition I never drove it much.

Yet recently the rear main seal started leaking got that fixed it was an expensive job and later the alternator went out pff also the TPMS. While the car was under warranty it had no issues

The steering won’t return to center position while taking U turns or parking. I have to move the steering to center it manually

Even after getting the rear main seal replaced when I see the car under a lift there’s a black gunk tar like substance between the bell housing and the transmission . The guy who fixed it says since it’s not dripping anymore he can’t re fix it says that probably old oil from before fixing is still ozzing out. Even after cleaning the black gunk when driving the car next day I see it’s there again. Motor oil level says same when I check with the dipstick What do you think the black gunk could be?

Also for the poor schmucks like me who bought Dodge Charger 3.5 what are your preventive measures tips? Engine oil additives or some measures to minimize the bigger disasters that consistently keep happening to this model

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Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


it's oil leaking through the seal, put UV dye into the engine oil and if that blob has that uv dye in it, that's it for sure. But really, they are junky cars, just change the oil a lot and use quality oil like castrol and pray a lot