Hey Scotty and the community, my relative lives in Germany and wants to buy a car to travel longer distances. He would drive about 500 miles a week, but only highway, so he's looking for a comfortable luxury car from about 2014 or 2015. I would have told him Lexus, but he really wants a large sedan that is not a hybrid and the modern Lexus LS are mainly hybrid over here, so maybe you know what's the best one? We don't have Honda Legends newer than 2009 and Acuras almost not at all XD That's the problem here, lol... If there really is only junk, he would get a hybrid Lexus, but he doesn't like hybrid cars and the idea of having two motors and complex systems

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Try find non-hybrid 2014-2015 Lexus LS in Craigslist

Make sure it's have a Clean Title, not rebuilt/salvage title

Hired Mechanic like Mr. Scotty Kilmer that have a dealer level scan tool then check every single parts on wanted 2014-2015 non hybrid Lexus LS

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