Hey scotty and others, I had to fiance a 04 Camry XLE with 162K miles last Saturday for 4500 for 36…


Hey scotty and others, I had to fiance a 04 Camry XLE with 162K miles last Saturday for 4500 for 36 months. I saw kias and hyundais with 100K miles but rather chose reliability then low mileage. I read the carfax and everything has been done with oil change was done last month at the dealership and brakes last year. Was it a good purchase and what do i need to do make my car go over 300K miles? Advice is greatly appreciated for a first time car owner want this car to last a long time. I didnt want the low mileage kia or hyundai due to engines catching fire and not as reliable as Toyota, I just hate the mileage on the car for what i paid but bad credit sucks.

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Naser Oric
Naser Oric

Well, I do not completely understand if you did buy or leased the car. Because you was talking about ''36 months''. If you bought it than you may overpaid a little bit. Butt that's not very important for now. The 2004 Toyota Camry's do have a good reputation. They are well-built cars. The only thing that could be rust if you live in the north. So make sure if you drive it in the winter that you wash it properly every month or so during the cold days so that the salt can't stay in the wheel arches and so on. Also do the basic things like;

    1. Replace worn tires and rims
    1. Perform regular oil checks (check if everything is not low or old)
    1. Clean air filter(s) regularly (sometimes replace them)
    1. Wash/detail your car regularly (paint service)
    1. Service your spark plugs/cables if they look worn out or old
    1. Get your wheels aligned if you did suspension work
    1. Maintain your car's battery (go to Autozone for a free check)
    1. Have your brakes regularly serviced
    1. Have it rust-proofed (if they aren't protected that great from factory)
    1. Perform regular transmission fluid/filter service. Specially auto trannys!
    1. Clean the interior regularly (use spray to keep the plastics good)
    1. Store it safely
    1. Protect your dashboard against the heat