hey scotty and everyone, would like to know opinions: i have a mazda 3 2007 2.0 LF-Ve engine Autotrans 100k Kilometers (not miles), should i sell it and buy a 2006 honda civic 60k (kilometers) 1 owner well taken care car? Having in consideration that i bought the mazda 3 with 60k and have done all oil service every 3k miles, flushed coolants every 2 years, replaced fuel pump and cleaned the fuel tank, replaced spark plugs, replaced radiator Fan, replaced thermostat housing, replaced transmission shift solenoids (wasnt going in reverse and from 2 to 3 was slipping), replaced engine mounts, shocks, i even replace the coolant reservoir cuz it developed a crack with the time. i have done pretty serious investment with the mazda and since i love the brand i always tought they could last equally if well taken care, but you are always talking about hondas and toyotas.... so im always wondering if i have the wrong car, my friend has and accord 2.4 2007 and had 2 major repairs (steering pump failed twice.. i think its a design thing, and a/c compressor. so whats your thoughts???? i live in venezuela not many miles on the car like in the us but the age of the car, the heat and the traffic, and the up hills and down hill of the city are factors that damage the parts having that into consideration. Since there are no longer importations of newer cars and the crisis cant let you even buy a brand new car... i would like it to last really really long time and im young and always cleaning and polishing the car.

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Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


get the civic