hey scotty a quick one i dont know if you can help or truck went into the shop a week ago they have been calling me with updates and here's where i am at so far.. i have an 06 expedition 5.4L 3V V8 and i went to go to work last week was driving down the road it studded the check engine light started flashing and it stalled i got it home and had it towed to my local shop he thought originally that it was bad fuel or a fuel problem so they looked at all injectors those were good .. he said cylinder 8 is misfiring constantly he changed the coil and plug its still missing they dont know why that is.. they are going to do a smoke test and compression test and some more diagnostics later in the week the motor ran fine before this just had a new alternator and battery put on.. new plugs coils wires ETC the transmission was rebuilt at 85,000 miles and had a motor tune up then.. it only has 120,000 miles now.. could i have a bent rod .. is it time to get a new engine the body is in amazing shape the electrical system is in good spirits no electrical malfunctions the interior is in amazing shape the A/C still blows ice cold brakes are good stereo is question is could the motor even run with a bent valve at all? let me know what you think i should do.. love your videos, a big fan

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it can run with a bent valve or other parts but misfire and not run perfectly

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