Pork chop95

Hey Scotty. I took your advice and bought a 2003 Lexus RX300. It needed a Servo blend door motor for defrost main vent and floor board. the motor is installed, tested the motor and everything working (i was on the passenger side the entire time when installing the Servo blend door motor. I noticed that on the driver side Center air vent is blowing air ( when the selection of defrost and floorboard are made. There is no air coming out of the center console no air coming out of the passenger just defrost and floor board but on the driver side the driver side air vent well there's air blowing out and nothing's coming out to the defrost vents better on the door) there is a on and off switch to keep the air from coming out but I want to fix what's wrong with it so I can have a smooth running vehicle. What do you think it might be? And it's going to be sad to see you leaving Texas. I live in Fort Worth Texas. I had hopes of being able to come down and visit you one day in person so you can see the choice of vehicle I made from watching your videos. Thank you.