Hey scottie im from israel and i have a vw 2.0 golf and im having issue that im not able to diagnose , my oil light came on while driving and i continued to drive and when came to a juncarion the car slowed down and shut off when i lifted the hood snoke came from the oil cap and the engine breather blow off and melted plastic to engine.
Comes to find out i had a batyer with no voltage and the alternator was runing the car..i switched the old dirty oil but now is having problem with enigine i think , when i drive a little while alowing down the car shuts down andmakes lound knocking noise(close to the throttle body area) ..also the car is idleing low.
Is this problem familier to you?
Also when put car in reverse or drive it jerks and may even shut off
If you have any advice that would be ao helpful thank you
If you need any video footage i can send it to you , please make a video about it

engine is shot, period. you burned it up by driving with low or no oil pressure

Meaning need new engine?


yes. Or buy another car