Hey Scottie, I own a 2013 Honda Civic SI. Only 40k miles on it and I baby the heck out of it. For the past 10k miles the vehicle makes a sreeching/squealing (almost like dragging a chair across a wood floor) noise, when taking off from a dead stop in first gear. It seems to only happen in 1st gear (sometimes 2nd). There are hundreds of of other testimonies online within the forums stating all 9th gen civic SI's have this problem, but no one can figure it out and Honda will blow you off if you even try to get it looked at (trust I've hounded the dealer). Some people state it's the clutch springs rattling around and creating the noise. I've taken it to Honda, spoken with many managers, technicians and even opened a case with American Honda about the issue. Honda tells me there's nothing wrong with the vehicle and it's just my driving (I've been driving manual vehicles since I could walk). I find myself running in circles and being told over and over it's going to cost me thousands of dollars to get it looked at, even though the vehicle has an extended warranty. I'm at a loss with this one and would appreciate any help on the matter. Here is a link with many people like myself trying to figure out this mess

I'm almost scared to buy another manual Honda Thank you

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internal transmission problem, live with it or start a class action suit